Images of Gaddafi

The markedly graphic images of the capture of Libyan dictator, Muammar Gaddafi, are all over the internet. We can see the wounded leader captured, sodomized, and beaten. We can see him dragged through the streets of Sirte with multiple gun shot wounds. And we can see his scarred and bloody corpse. We can see everything.

It certainly drives the point home. To see the rage of the rebel forces raw and uncut certainly makes you wonder what could make a nation of people so angry. To hear them screaming and see them pushing each other out of the way for a chance to injure him is disturbing. The blood is disturbing. It happened; it’s for real.

In theory, it is somewhat of a heroic story. In Gaddafi we find all of the necessary elements for evil. He overthrew a constitution and incited fear in his subjects. The Criminal Court in the Netherlands found him guilty of “crimes against humanity.” That is no small charge. And here you have rebel forces taking back the country and their freedom. It’s a glorious revolution. But all we see when we look for news about this revolution is Gaddafi’s abused corpse. That is certainly not a positive image, at least not for objective eyes.

The images surrounding the Libyan revolution certainly alters the American perspective. It can only mean good things when a tyrannical dictator is no longer in power, but the images surrounding the coverage leave us with an awful feeling in the pits of our stomachs. In the past, we could easily dismiss a disturbing statement in the news as a means to an end, but when we can actually see the end, it changes the story.


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